6.3 Exhaust System

Method of Inspection
Reason for rejection
1. Examine the condition of the whole exhaust system, including the silencers and mountings, for security, deterioration and completeness.
  a. a part of the system missing or excessively deteriorated
  b. an exhaust system mounting missing, or in such condition that it does not fully support the exhaust system

Note: An alternative mounting deice is acceptable providing the system is secure and the system is not likely to fail prematurely.
2. with the engine running
a. check the exhaust system for leaks

Note: A durable repair to an exhaust system which effectively prevents leaks is acceptable providing the system is structurally sound
a. a major leak of exhaust gases from any part of the system

Note: A minor exhaust leak from, for example, a connection joint or a pin hole, is not a reason for rejection
b. assess subjectively the effectiveness of the silencer in reducing exhaust noise to a level considered to be average for the vehicle b. a silencer in such a condition, or of  such a type, that the noise emitted from the vehicle is clearly unreasonably above the level expected from a similar vehicle with a silencer in average condition
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