6.2 Audible Warning (Horn)

Method of Inspection
Reason for rejection
Pre 1906 vehicles
Vehicles certified by the London Science Museum as being designed before 1 January 1905 and constructed before 31 December 1905 can have a gong, bell or siren audible warning.
1. Operate the horn control and note the volume and character of the sound emmited. 
  a. the horn control missing, insecure or not readily accessible to the driver
  Note: Inform the driver if the horn is insecure.
  b. the horn does not function
  c. the sound emmited by the horn is not loud enough to be heard by another roaduser
  d. a gong, bell, siren or two or more tone horn fitted
  Note: When operated, a two or more tone horn automatically produces a sound which alternates at regular intervals between fixed notes
  A vehicle is allowed to be fitted with a bell, gong or siren, but not two-tone, only as part of an anti-theft device.
  e. for a vehicle first used on or after 1 August 1973, a sound emmited by the horn is- not a constant note- not continuous or uniform- harsh or grating
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