7.1 Exhaust System

Information Method of Inspection Reason for rejection
A durable repair to the exhaust system that effectively prevents leaks is acceptable providing the system is structurally sound. 1. Examine the condition of the exhaust system including the silencer(s) and mountings for security, deterioration and completeness.

2. With the engine running assess the effectiveness of the silencer(s) in reducing as far as is reasonable the noise emitted.

3. Check the silencer(s) on all machines for any unacceptable markings.
a. Any part of the exhaust system missing or excessively deteriorated

b. a leak in the exhaust system which causes excessive noise to be emitted

c. an exhaust system mounting missing or one which is in such a condition that it does not fully support the exhaust system.

2. A silencer that is in such a condition or is of such a type that the noise emitted is clearly in excess of that which would be produced by a similar machine fitted with a standard silencer in average condition.

3. A silencer marked 'NOT FOR ROAD USE', 'TRACK USE ONLY' or similar words.
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