Motorbike Registration Plates

Minimum Plate Size Examples

Bikes registered BEFORE 1/09/2001 CAN if they wish, display a number plate on the front. There is NO LEGAL requirement to do so. The fact that manufacturers quote 9"x7" for seven character plates and 5"x7" for six characters is to save confusion. And perhaps to save money as they won't have to carry lots of different sizes.

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2 Characters @ 44mm
+ 1 Spaces @ 10mm
+ 2 margins @ 11mm
Total Plate Width: 120mm x 180mm

3 Characters @44mm
+ 2 Spaces @ 10mm
+ 2 margins @ 11mm
Total Plate Width: 174mm x 180mm

3 Characters @44mm
1 Character @ 10mm
3 Spaces @ 10mm
+ 2 margins @ 11mm
Total Plate Width: 194mm x 180mm

4 Characters @ 44mm
3 Spaces @ 10mm
+ 2 margins @ 11mm
Total Plate Width: 228mm x 180mm

All motorcycles and tricycles must display a number plate at the rear of the vehicle. Motorcycles and tricycles registered before 1.9.2001 can display a number plate at the front of the vehicle but are not required to.
If you have a two or three wheeled motor cycle or tricycle that has a body type of a four-wheeled vehicle, you MUST display a number plate at the front and back of the vehicle.

The characters may be smaller e.g.

Character Height: 64mm

Character Width: 44mm

Character Stroke: 10mm

Space between characters:

Space between groups: 30mm

Top, side & bottom margin: 11mm

Space between vertical lines:

Motorcycles registered on or after 1 September 2001 must display a two-line number plate number plate.

Motorcycles registered prior to the 1 September 2001 may display a three-line plate, but one-line plates are illegal, irrespective of the date of registration of the motorcycle.

From 1 September 2001 all new number plates must display the new mandatory font. Combined with the new format registration mark, number plates will become clearer and easier to remember.

Number plates fitted before 1 September 2001 need not be changed provided the character font used is substantially the same as the one shown to the left.

Number plates must be replaced if they have been customised with:

Stylised letters and/or figures such as italics
Number plate fixing bolts that alter the appearance of the letters and/or numbers

Classic Plates since 1932

Embossed Plates

Digit Curved Embossed Plates

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