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New Tyres
    Name: Sarah Town: Worcester
I think my car may need new tyres, it is also due for an MOT. Should I get the new tyres before the MOT or wait?
Your car can fail on worn tyres if they are getting near their renewal it is better to replace the worn ones before the test
Mot Appointment
    Name: tom Town: north shields
my mot has ran out can i drive the car to get the tyres before i go to the mot center
Providing you make an appointment on the same day you will be able to drive
Mud Flaps
    Name: Belinda Town: Londonderry
will I fail my mot if there are no mud flaps on rear tyres of car?
Not part of the test
Tyre ratings
    Name: Don Town: Kenilworth
I have been informed it is illegal to mix tyres with diffent speed ratings on the same axle. is this correct ?
As long as the tyres are identical in size its a pass
    Name: Tina Town: Ashford
My car had an advisory on insecure headlights but I did not get to have it repaired. It passed MOT despite that at the same main dealer. Do I still have to repair, the light is tightly fixed at the top but can be pushed slightly at the bottom.
An advisory notice means that in the opinion of the tester that the component is likely to deteriorate but at the time of the test it was ok a good description of an advisory is that if your tyres were legal but only had enough tread for 3000 more miles before they would fail then the tester normally would give you an advisory notice
old tyres
    Name: Peter Evans Town: Manchester


Why is the age of a motorcycle tyre not taken into consideration at MOT time?

I have just enquired about a motorcycle for sale, built in 1998 but that has been in storage for 10 years from around 2003. The mileage is 2600, therefore the visible wear is minimal.
The tyres are dated from the year of manufacture and are therefore around 16 years old.
The manufactures give a usable age that is no longer than 10 years, usually more like 5 as the rubber deteriorates over time.
The seller is offering the motorcycle with a current MOT certificate!

Surely this is a gap in the testing criteria that needs attention?

The age of the brake fluid is very likely to be of the same vintage as there is no service record.

Please advise.

The age of all tyres should be taken into consideration but unfortunately a visual check is standard older tyres are dangerous and it is only a matter of time before it the date check enters the manual as for brake fluid or power steering we can assume the cost of testing equipment would push up the cost of the mot
    Name: clarelouise Town: norwich
We have these thing things on our mot advisory, slight play in both front roll bar link arm bottom bushes, and slight play in o/s/f upper suspension ball joint are these failures
No this is the tester telling you that they are within the limits for passing the test but will need attention in the near future similar to advising that your tyres just pass but will need replacing in a couple thousand miles
Failed MOT early
    Name: Mark Town: Sittingbourne
If I take my car for an MOT 1 month before it expires, and it fails, is the old MOT certificate still valid? I wouldn’t include tyres in this as it would be illegal to drive on worn tyres.
Thank you.
If your vehicle fails its MOT a month early, Yes, you can drive it on the old MOT test certificate untill that expiry date
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