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Retest Failure on different item
    Name: Iain Town:
Hello. I taken my motorcycle in to main motorcycle dealers for its mot the mot guy failed it on the headlight not in line .They could not do it as it was 10 min job but they was closing for the day and didnít have time saying (paper work. Time sheets to be filled in cleaning the work area ) they asked if I could bring it back the next day 40 mile round trip ( it ok itís a nice bike ride ) so I gets there the next day the 1st mot guy not there itís guy so He does a full mot after he fixed the light .the said itís failed on the green neutral light on the clocks .now when you use the bike when itís cold it works when bike warms up the light works part time .as I just got there and he starts right away when the 1st mot guy let the bike cool down so it worked for him NOW the 2and mot guy says itís failed can they recheck the whole bike as I thought it would only be the item it failed on .also I had to pay a retest fee .which I think is disgusting as if I said the night before no fix the light I would have had no fee to pay and a new mot so me doing the 1st mot guy a favour I get screwed over . Can you advise me thank you Ian
I would steer clear of this MOT garage in the future. Technically they have done nothing wrong. The MOT tester tests the vehicle at the time and if something doesnít work he fails it, irrespectively to and previous tests. A retest should only test items relating to the original fail. Nominated testers (NTs) can remove failure items when theyíre repaired by selecting the ĎRepairedí button. So there was no need to redo the whole MOT test.

You can always complain if you think that the vehicle failed unfairly by clicking this link however they might say that the vehicle should have failed originally for the fault.
Car Insurance
    Name: Janet Town: BECKENHAM
My MOT failed on two accounts: 1 the windscreen needs replacing, 2 the garage needs to repair a head light. I arranged for wind screen to be replaced at my house - the company has rearranged it as heavy rain prevented them from doing the work. They cannot replace the windscreen now until after I have had the repair done at the garage. The problem is my insurance will have then expired and I donít think I can insure it without a valid MOT. This means I will have to drive it to the garage without a valid MOT and with out a valid insurance. What can i do - if stopped and asked for a document check am I covered. On reflection this means I will have to drive it to the garage for the repair, them bring it home to have the windscreen repaired then to the garage again to have it retested and drive home before I can renew the insurance. Is that OK
I am sure your insurers will reinsure you on the condition you are using it to get an mot you are not allowed to drive a car on public roads without valid insurance and you can be liable to prosecution
    Name: Graeme Williamson Town: scotland
My car failed itís mot, discs, pads, cv boot and caliper. On this original fail sheet it had an advisory saying my parking brake efficiency was 18%. Once I got these failures fixed at another garage and the car passed itís retest, the advisory had nothing in it. The mot tester stated that because he couldnít retest this part he could not put this in the advisory part of the pass certificate.

Is this true? Or is it not in the advisory part because the caliper got fixed?

I also got advised when my car failed that my car may not have an eligible mot certificate as it failed (I still had 2-3 weeks left on the current mot), and this was a grey area. Surely if it wasnít road worthy the garage wouldnít have let drive away in it?
The MOT test is all down to the testers judgement this like all aspects of checking varies from one tester to another advisories are components which although in the testers opinion do not fail the test at the time of inspection only have a limited life if the car has failed on a dangerous component you are still able to drive on the existing MOT but if you have an accident then you can invalidate your insurance and have a problem with the law
    Name: J Jones Town: Scarborough
Can an MOT retest be carried out at another centre
Yes but you will have to pay the full test fee
Retest garages
    Name: Kate Town: Exeter
If a car fails the MOT test, does it have to be re-tested at the centre where the original test was done?
The retest does have to be completed at the same garage - If not you will be charged for the full test again
Using Car without MOT BY Spencer The m.o.t. on my car ran out on the 16t... The m.o.t. on my car ran out on the 16th october 2010.It failed the m.o.t.  Iíve got the car booked in to a garage on the 20th of october to have the work done to the vehicle. Can i use the car in the meantime?
Retest at another Station BY peterCan I get a retest done at a different t...Can I get a retest done at a different test station?
Retest Time Limits BY eaitkenWhen my MOT runs out, is there a time li...When my MOT runs out, is there a time limit before I have to get it renewed? I cant afford to get the repairs done just now, so hoped to wait a month or two. OBVIOUSLY the car will not be driven in this time, until i am ready to take it to the test centre.
Advisory Notice Fails on Retest BY guvercan they fail an advisory on a retest...can they fail an advisory on a retest
Different Garage Re-test BY KentMy car had failed mot, do i need to take...My car had failed mot, do i need to take it to the same garage for a re-test or can i go elsewhere for just a re-test?
Garage Keeps Car BY MichaelThe only way that the garage can keep yo...The only way that the garage can keep your car is if the garage see the car 
as dangerous to drive, they can not keep it for any other reason. They canít 
force you to get the work done at that garage either.  The only problem if 
you take it away from the garage is if there is free retest you are likely 
to lose this, and have to pay full price for the MOT again
Retest Fee BY AnitaMy car failed itís MOT on three grounds ...My car failed itís MOT on three grounds which I have had put right at another garage. I am taking it back for another check and am told  will have to pay for a part test again. Is that correct?
MOT Costing BY AnnI was charged £60 plus £20 retest for my...I was charged £60 plus £20 retest for my Nissian Micra is this correct?????
Fail MOT BY AnnIf my car fails it MOT can I take it bac...If my car fails it MOT can I take it back to another garage for retest.
Brakes BY AnonMy wifesí Hyundai Getz has been failed o...My wifesí Hyundai Getz has been failed on a front brake imbalance of 26%. The test was unobserved. There is not the slightest deviation to either side when the brakes are applied at any speed or force. Can we demand to see the test performed as we do not beleive the test result? The tester also daid the car should not be driven even thogh the current MOT has not expired.

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