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Sorn renewal
    Name: Andy Town: Brighton
My bike failed an MOT and Iím planning on scrapping it entirely - this takes and I need to SORN the vehicle as itís on the road, although itís still taxed and is insured - Tried to SORN it online and I think Iím too late, it expired a few weeks ago. No letters have been sent by DVLA yet, despite the MOT lapsing. Bit concerned but have a friend whose garage I can use.
New rules that came out mean that you only have to register for a Sorn once and you do not need to renew it
    Name: Florentina Town: London
Hello! I havenít used my motorbike for over a year, and everything has expired: MOT, insurance, road tax. Iíve had it on SORN for a few months and Iím now finally able to renew everything. What are the correct steps to ensure I donít break the law and donít have problems renewing? Thank you.
You only have to be insured which allows you to ride your bike to a pre booked test
MOT Booking
    Name: Paul Town: Canterbury
My MoT expires on 23rd June. I have booked a test for 24th. Is this allowed?
Yes you can book an MOT Test at any time suitable to you if your certificate has expired you are only legally covered to drive to a pre booked test
Car Insurance
    Name: Janet Town: BECKENHAM
My MOT failed on two accounts: 1 the windscreen needs replacing, 2 the garage needs to repair a head light. I arranged for wind screen to be replaced at my house - the company has rearranged it as heavy rain prevented them from doing the work. They cannot replace the windscreen now until after I have had the repair done at the garage. The problem is my insurance will have then expired and I donít think I can insure it without a valid MOT. This means I will have to drive it to the garage without a valid MOT and with out a valid insurance. What can i do - if stopped and asked for a document check am I covered. On reflection this means I will have to drive it to the garage for the repair, them bring it home to have the windscreen repaired then to the garage again to have it retested and drive home before I can renew the insurance. Is that OK
I am sure your insurers will reinsure you on the condition you are using it to get an mot you are not allowed to drive a car on public roads without valid insurance and you can be liable to prosecution
No mot
    Name: darren Town: wigan
I have just come to renew my car tax as it is about to run out and it wont let me as my mot has expired also do i have any grace on both to get done?
There is no period of grace for either MOT or Road Tax
lapsed MOT
    Name: Anil Town: Hayes
I was driving and had an accident. Its difficult to derive who was at fault. But, later I realised that the MOT of the other car had expired one week back. Will the other driver be totally responsible.
It would depend on the condition of the vehicle you can fail if your wipers are not working or if there is a bulb out the main factor is if the car is not roadworthy but still the onus of proof is who was at fault depends on the evidence
MOT Date
    Name: Jane Town: spain
driving a friends van back to Isle of Wight but mot has expired.would be getting it tested the day after we come back but is this legal?
No you can drive on the day you arrive without a certificate to take a test but if you get stopped without a booked appointment you can be fined
Sorn MOT
    Name: Alan Town: Preston
If my vehicle is taxed and insured but the mot has expired and is kept off the road, do I need to declare a sorn
No As long as it is taxed which requires insurance you do not need SORN
German MOT
    Name: bossix Town:
Can i make MOT abroad for example i am in germany on my holiday and my existing MOT expired? Do i need translate this document?
A valid UK MOT Test can only be carried out in the UK you can arrange to have your vehicle tested the day you return but you are only allowed legally to drive to the test centre
Days of Grace
There are no days grace anymore. It has to be completed on or before the date on the MOT
Using Car without MOT BY Spencer The m.o.t. on my car ran out on the 16t... The m.o.t. on my car ran out on the 16th october 2010.It failed the m.o.t.  Iíve got the car booked in to a garage on the 20th of october to have the work done to the vehicle. Can i use the car in the meantime?
Refund on MOT BY StephenI have just sent my car for scrap and no...I have just sent my car for scrap and notified DVLA accordingly. Can I get a refund on my MOT fee for the unexpired period it covers (just over 3 months)?
MOT Expired BY mclaughlinhi, my mot ran out yesterday but my test...hi, my mot ran out yesterday but my test isnt til 2morrow, can i still drive my car until then?
Expired MOT Foreign Travel BY davidi live part of the year in Italy and i h...i live part of the year in Italy and i have a uk registered car, the MOT test is due early march however I have a problem the car is undergoing major repairs here in Italy having a complete engine rebuild and I am not sure I will be able to drive it back before the end of March. If I go straight to the mot test once I am back in the uk is that OK even if the test is then expired by almost a month?
MOT No TAX BY GedMy mot has expired. a mot station is off...My mot has expired. a mot station is offering motís at £27. This garage is approximately 20 miles from my home. Can I legally drive it without tax?
MOT Fines BY Sandyi have bought a second hand car on Aug 0...i have bought a second hand car on Aug 09 and the car company told me that the car has got MOT when i bought it but after 3 months I could not receive a mot certificate so i asked the company again recently but the staff told me to check first reg date which was MAY 06 but now is NOV 09 so the MOT has expired but i didnt know before will I being fined for expired mot? what should i do now?
Driving with No MOT BY DavidMy car failed its MOT today & the MOT ex...My car failed its MOT today & the MOT expires tomorrow.  However the necessary repairs cannot be made at the MOT Test Station until the day after that.  Is it legal for me to drive the car home today & then back to the MOT test station the day after the current MOT has expired,without driving it in between times?  What is the position regarding insurance cover?  Thanks
Brakes BY AnonMy wifesí Hyundai Getz has been failed o...My wifesí Hyundai Getz has been failed on a front brake imbalance of 26%. The test was unobserved. There is not the slightest deviation to either side when the brakes are applied at any speed or force. Can we demand to see the test performed as we do not beleive the test result? The tester also daid the car should not be driven even thogh the current MOT has not expired.

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