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Motorbike Exhaust
    Name: andrew sheffield Town:
I was wounding if my motorbike would pass its mot has it got a sport exhaust just didnít know if they would fail it for being to loud
Construction and use regulations say that a pipe should not be altered in any way to increase noise, and should clearly and indelibly be marked with either the British standard marking indicating that it has been tested in accordance with test 2; or ii a reference to its make and type specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle.
Motorbike Footpegs
    Name: tony Town: basingstoke
Do you need both rear footpegs for motorcycle not as I have 2rear exhaust pipes on top of each other and the top one is for cosmetic purposes only and one peg on other side only
If you have a seat capable of taking a pillion passenger then it must have footrests for this passenger. You could get a cowling to go over the rear of the seat to negate this but Iíve heard a lot of stories of MOT test stations overlooking this issue.
Exhaust mounting
    Name: David Town: Sheffield
My exhaust is tied up with two wires is is a mot fait the exhaust system on gasses is fine itís just the mounting
Providing the tester thinks that the exhaust is secure and not likely to come adrift you will pass
Mot Emissions
    Name: Philip Mason Town: Cheltenham
What emissions MUST be measured when MOT testing a diesel car registered in 2012?
Emissions are quite complicated DVSA have produced a PDF at which gives all the information regarding emissions this will not take into account the current controversy with VW
Modified 125 cc Bike
    Name: luke Town: morecambe
If I modify a 125cc bike, with a 170cc+ bore kit or exhaust upgraded jets etc will it fail an MOT because its registered as a 125??
If you change the capacity you need to have a full motorcycle licence and change details on your reg docs
non standard exhaust
    Name: calvin cooper Town: swansea
hi, iím taking bike for an mot and i has a none standard race exhaust fitted wil it pass an mot with this fitted or will the original have to be refitted
As long as the tester does not think it too noisy it will pass
Old MOT after Failure BY Carolmy car failed its mot this week on car failed its mot this week on faulty exhaust bracket i have a mot on the car valid until 20september can i legally drive the car on this mot or does the recent failure override this
Exhaust Emissions BY RenzaHow do I check my exhaust emissions leve...How do I check my exhaust emissions level for my car Renault Megane Coupe 2000?
Emissions BY wendy My car failed its MOT on the exhaust em... My car failed its MOT on the exhaust emissions. I took it to another garage to get the exhaust problem sorted out and they passed it first time with a low reading of 0.45. They told me the garage that initially failed the MOT should have provided a printout of the emissions as proof of the reason for failure. I have asked for the printout but they tell me the emissions were so high that they could not obtain a printout! Is this possible?
Exhausts BY niallMy BMW 320D Touring has a rattly exhaust...My BMW 320D Touring has a rattly exhaust, its not leaking and the silencer works fine, but at idle the exhaust vibrates and rattles, will this fail the MOT?
New exhaust problem BY BrianMy exhaust developed a ďpin holeĒ and I ...My exhaust developed a ďpin holeĒ and I am in dispute at present with the exhaust centre that fitted same: My MOT test is due shortly, must I delay the test until a new system is fitted?
Shock absorbers BY Terry from CardiffMy 1996 Mondeo needs new shock absorbers...My 1996 Mondeo needs new shock absorbers at the rear and my local Ford garage has quoted £150  - This seems very expensive, is there a safe alternative ?

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