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Car Insurance
    Name: Janet Town: BECKENHAM
My MOT failed on two accounts: 1 the windscreen needs replacing, 2 the garage needs to repair a head light. I arranged for wind screen to be replaced at my house - the company has rearranged it as heavy rain prevented them from doing the work. They cannot replace the windscreen now until after I have had the repair done at the garage. The problem is my insurance will have then expired and I donít think I can insure it without a valid MOT. This means I will have to drive it to the garage without a valid MOT and with out a valid insurance. What can i do - if stopped and asked for a document check am I covered. On reflection this means I will have to drive it to the garage for the repair, them bring it home to have the windscreen repaired then to the garage again to have it retested and drive home before I can renew the insurance. Is that OK
I am sure your insurers will reinsure you on the condition you are using it to get an mot you are not allowed to drive a car on public roads without valid insurance and you can be liable to prosecution
MOT Date
    Name: Alice Town: Bathgate
My car is due an MOT in the next couple of days, I took it to the garage and they said itís not due for another 6 months so they canít do anything with it but all my papers and DVLA say its up this week but every garage says itís not.
The MOT computer has been having problems recently if your registration documents state that the car is three years old then it is due for the test I would go to another test centre
German MOT
    Name: bossix Town:
Can i make MOT abroad for example i am in germany on my holiday and my existing MOT expired? Do i need translate this document?
A valid UK MOT Test can only be carried out in the UK you can arrange to have your vehicle tested the day you return but you are only allowed legally to drive to the test centre
Lost MOT docs
    Name: D Brooksbank Town: Corbridge
I have lost all my M O T documents
Replacement can be purchased at any MOT Centre for £10
    Name: Samuel Bolton Town: Coleraine
What documents do I have to bring?
You only have to turn up with the vehicle
Due Date
    Name: Sarah Town: Billericay
How do I know what month itís due ?
The first MOT is due on the month that is on the registration document. If your vehicle is older than this it is on the old certificate. You can also check online at
Lost MOT
    Name: santos Town: london
hello there,i bought my bike on ebay by the time all paper work come with,but now i lost my certificate and i dont now were the last owner did the mot,i have to do another mot test?
if you have lost or not got an MOT and you have the registration documents you can check the current status online - Visit -
MOT Error
    Name: Russ Town: Newcastle
I have recently bought a bike with a fesh MOT. A few days after, I checked the documents and noticed the mileage was incorrect on the certificate. They had the kilometre reading as miles.
I have tried a few times to get the MOT station to send a replacement certificate, but no joy. Is there anything else I can do to get it corrected?
There is no need to change the mileage. It will be clarified on the next test for the correct mileage. It is just a record and you will be able to trell it was off from the new and old certificate
Holiday Abroad BY LoiseWe are taking our car abroad this summer...We are taking our car abroad this summer, do we have to take the MOT certificate and log book with us?
Grey Import BY RickyI own a Ďgrey importí manufactured in 19...I own a Ďgrey importí manufactured in 1998 but not imported to the UK until 2001. Is the MOT test due from the third anniversary of registration in the UK or original manufacture and delivery abroad.

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