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    Name: Pro9 Town: Bury st edmunds
I have recently bought a tail light for my motorcycle with integrated indicators, the indicators work great with orange LEDs, the running light is also fine with red LEDs. My only concern is the brake light, which when switched on emits a purple glow through the use of blue LEDs alongside the red running light. The company that provides this product says it’s fine and there should not be any problems. Will I pass an MOT with bright purple brakes? Cheers
The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 states the brake light should be red.
Daytime MOT
    Name: Jonathan ellis Town:
Can I modify a bike from standard specification to meet daylight mot or remove indicators headlight rear light just leaving brake lights, horn
Yes but you must remove them. You can get a daytime MOT for bikes where you can only use the bike during daylight hours. A daylight MOT would require a motorbike to have a horn and a rear registration plate
Brake test for a motorcycle
    Name: N Cosgrove Town: Magherafelt
How is the brake test carried out for a motorcycle?
On the rollers just like a car if this is possible. Or a plate test if this is deemed impossible (Low clearance etc.) See
MOT Brake Test without rollers
    Name: Mervyn wylie Town: MAGHERAFELT
Can I request that the brake test can be done without putting the bike on the rollers
You can always request that a brake test is not done on the rollers but you will need a reason. e.g. If the ground clearance is too low etc. The tester will determine if it is necessary to do the test on the rollers or not. If he deems that there is not sufficient reason to NOT do the test on rollers then he will have to do the test on the rollers. The test must be done on rollers unless there is a good reason not to
Broken coponent whilst testing
    Name: Steve Town: Ashton
If a corroded brake pipe burst during test who pays for it
Unless you can prove that this was due to negligence on behalf of the tester and not the existing condition of the pipes the cost will be yours
Brake Light
    Name: Tom Donovan Town: St asaph
i have a bike i want MOT, i want to fit a brake light to it but it has no front light will it pass or do you need both?
If you are going to use the bike on the public roads then all lights must be fitted and working all information can be found on the manual
Mot Failure
    Name: nigel Town: danbury
if a car fails the mot but still has some mot
on it can you use it till the mot runs out
Legally yes providing the car is roadworthy a bulb out can fail the car but you would still be covered by the original MOT but if it was something like brakes or steering then you could find yourself in trouble
Parking brake
    Name: Bill Town: Birmingham
Just had an mot, low mileage performance vehicle, surprised to receive advisory on parking brake only just met requirement, really... When questioned tester advised he had to put it down incase it rolled away and killed someone, when I mentioned that we had better sort it out he said its prob just as it pushed out the rollers ! So that says to me that the pn is actually too good, he did not use a chock behind the front wheel and just yanked the lever, it recorded poor numbers as a result of him, consequently he has advised on a defect which is not present, he could not remove the advisory without dooing a complete test
Just goes to show the limitations of some of the testers if you are not satisfied with the test you can complain to the DVSA
    Name: Dom Town: Birmingham
We have a 2001 Ford Focus, 1.6l, and it recently failed its MOT with Kwik-Fit due to ’Brakes imbalanced across an axle [3.7.B.5b], the RBT brake imbalance was 34%.

We had the work done with Kwik-Fit which involved 2 new brake cylinders and a brake bleed. The car then passed, but there is an advisory now stating that the RBT brake imbalance is 27%, and it also states that "Rear brakes imbalanced requirements only just met. It would appear that the braking system required adjustment or repairs [3.7.B.5b]".

I’m not sure how this part of the test works, and am I wrong to assume that if they have replaced the cylinders and bled the system, they should have done this work so that it is 0% or at least it is not even an advisory?

Cylinders are only part of the braking system there are the discs, pads and calipers all these components have a influence on braking
Motorcycle and Sidecar Brakes
    Name: John Town: Malvern
If a motorcycle and sidecar has two brakes ,one on the front wheel and one on the sidecar wheel but no brake on the motorcycle rear wheel, will it fail a UK MOT?
All brakes must work to pass
Boken Key
    Name: Luke Town: Stafford
Can my car pass an mot with a broken key?

The key can be removed from the ignition barrel and start the car. Do I need to get a new key, or could putting some molegrips, for example, on the end be okay?
providing the car can be started so the emissions and brakes can be tested you should be ok
    Name: Graeme Williamson Town: scotland
My car failed it’s mot, discs, pads, cv boot and caliper. On this original fail sheet it had an advisory saying my parking brake efficiency was 18%. Once I got these failures fixed at another garage and the car passed it’s retest, the advisory had nothing in it. The mot tester stated that because he couldn’t retest this part he could not put this in the advisory part of the pass certificate.

Is this true? Or is it not in the advisory part because the caliper got fixed?

I also got advised when my car failed that my car may not have an eligible mot certificate as it failed (I still had 2-3 weeks left on the current mot), and this was a grey area. Surely if it wasn’t road worthy the garage wouldn’t have let drive away in it?
The MOT test is all down to the testers judgement this like all aspects of checking varies from one tester to another advisories are components which although in the testers opinion do not fail the test at the time of inspection only have a limited life if the car has failed on a dangerous component you are still able to drive on the existing MOT but if you have an accident then you can invalidate your insurance and have a problem with the law
Daylight MOT stop light
    Name: Stuart Town: Waltham Abbey
Do you require a rear brake light if you only have a daylight mot?

I have just received a £50 ticket from a policeman for not having one.
There is a link to the MOT manual at the end of statement which will take you to the page with it on Stop lamps are not required to be fitted to vehicles used only during the hours of daylight, which are fitted with neither front nor rear position lamps, etc. (See 1.1.A). Lamps&MOT_Number=1.2&MOT_Section=lights
    Name: Jance Town: St Leonard’s on Sea
My sons car passed it’s MOT and a month after the brakes failed whilst driving down a country lane and one of the brake disc pads came flying of.
What rights does my son have and what legal obligation does the MOT place have for not spotting that the brakes were very dangerous?
The MOT Tester would only have checked the condition of the brakes on the day and if he thought they were safe at that time would have passed them if he thought that there would have been a problem with the brakes in the near future he would have issued an advisory if a month later the brakes failed this might not have been obvious at the time of the test
old tyres
    Name: Peter Evans Town: Manchester


Why is the age of a motorcycle tyre not taken into consideration at MOT time?

I have just enquired about a motorcycle for sale, built in 1998 but that has been in storage for 10 years from around 2003. The mileage is 2600, therefore the visible wear is minimal.
The tyres are dated from the year of manufacture and are therefore around 16 years old.
The manufactures give a usable age that is no longer than 10 years, usually more like 5 as the rubber deteriorates over time.
The seller is offering the motorcycle with a current MOT certificate!

Surely this is a gap in the testing criteria that needs attention?

The age of the brake fluid is very likely to be of the same vintage as there is no service record.

Please advise.

The age of all tyres should be taken into consideration but unfortunately a visual check is standard older tyres are dangerous and it is only a matter of time before it the date check enters the manual as for brake fluid or power steering we can assume the cost of testing equipment would push up the cost of the mot
Brakes Grinding BY Mitchell I have just bought a car that passed it... I have just bought a car that passed its mot on the 9/8/10 with an advisory that the disc were worn. After 20 miles the pads are non exsistant and discs are so worn that I feel the car is dangerous. The brakes grind like mad. Should the car have passed or not.
ABS Not Working BY joour asb pump has failed so the asb fault...our asb pump has failed so the asb fault light shows, our garage assures us that the brakes are safe but it will faile the MOT. Does it have to be failed when lder cars without abs will pass?
Brakes Binding BY Jamesmy wheels are binding on will this pass wheels are binding on will this pass mot
Barke Test BY lain4x4 brake tests.can permanent 4x4drives ...4x4 brake tests.can permanent 4x4drives be tested on rollers?
Brakes BY KimI have a rover 75 and when braking I can...I have a rover 75 and when braking I can hear a popping noise..  the car drives fine and brakes ok.
Brakes BY AnonMy wifes’ Hyundai Getz has been failed o...My wifes’ Hyundai Getz has been failed on a front brake imbalance of 26%. The test was unobserved. There is not the slightest deviation to either side when the brakes are applied at any speed or force. Can we demand to see the test performed as we do not beleive the test result? The tester also daid the car should not be driven even thogh the current MOT has not expired.
MOT Introduction BY PJWhich year was the MOT introduced...Which year was the MOT introduced
MOT test on a rear brake imbalance BY Les HedauxQuestion: My wifes Toyota Corolla estate...Question: My wifes Toyota Corolla estate has failed the MOT test on a rear
brake imbalance one wheel 180 n/m one wheel 220 n/m does the brake
imbalance apply to rear brakes (one mot test station says not
Parking brake BY StretchMy parking brake lever travels 4 or 5 no...My parking brake lever travels 4 or 5 notches before it is fully engaged, a friend told me it must not be more than 3 notches or it will fail, is this true?
Brake Problems BY TrevorThe BRAKES on my front wheels pull very ...The BRAKES on my front wheels pull very slightly to the left when applied in emergency, at other times it is not noticeable.  Will this imbalance automatically fail the Test?
Spongey Brakes BY Pat RichardsMy wife’s 1982 Mini has “spongy” brakes ...My wife’s 1982 Mini has “spongy” brakes but the car seems to stop well enough with a little pumping. Will this automatically fail the MOT? A major repair would cost us more than the car is worth!

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